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Children’s Footwear

Children’s footwear – small shoes need big testing…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid or an adult – your footwear often makes the difference between pure pleasure or pure hell. Kids’ shoes that pinch, don’t fit right or just aren’t the right choice for the terrain they’re covering are often the breaking point between fun and failure on a family outing.

Regular street shoes or sneakers are often just not the right choice for outdoor activities. They don’t provide enough stability, secure fit or protection from the weather when it’s cold or wet outside.

The outsoles of our kids’ footwear offer the same great features that our adults’ models have. And high traction soles are extremely important, especially in risky areas where they’re walking over loose debris, rocks or slippery tree roots.

But what’s really important to understand is that VAUDE’s outdoor kids’ footwear isn’t just a smaller version of our adult models – they’ve been specifically engineered for the needs of children’s feet.

“Size Check” insoles

We’ve come up with a clever trick for helping you choose the right shoe in our stores.

Each one of our kids’ shoes and boots has a “Size Check” printed on the inner sole – it’s a clear scale that will show you whether or not the shoe fits. Take the insole out of the shoe, have your child stand on it with his heal aligned with the end of the insole and check the size.

Weather Protection

Both the summer versions and winter versions of our kids’ footwear come either with or without a waterproof membrane. If you want to find out more about waterproof shoes and boots, check out these pages: “Water repellent…. Water resistant….. Waterproof… – what exactly do I need?“.

Of course, our kids’ winter footwear is also outfitted with a waterproof treatment and synthetic insulation that not only keeps your kids’ feet dry, but also warm. To find out more, check out “With or without insulation, that is the question”.


In order to make it easy for your kids to put on their shoes themselves, we took care with a lacing system that’s as simple as possible to use. Many of our kids’ models feature an elastic lacing system that doesn’t have to be tied at all or that comes with a Velcro closure. Some models are easy for the child and parents to put on and take off thanks to elastic laces and Velcro fasteners.


Especially in warm temperatures, the breathability and temperature regulation of the shoe or upper material plays a decisive role. The upper materials (inside and outside) are moisture-regulating, well-placed ventilation areas on the shoe prevent heat accumulation and ensure a better foot climate during activity.

Basically we use two different mesh materials:
– Mesh: breathable, but somewhat denser material
– Airmesh: extremely breathable

Sole rigidity

As we were developing our kids’ footwear program, we didn’t copy our adults’ models when it comes to sole stiffness. Both the outsole and midsole of our kids’ shoes and boots are significantly softer to give small adventurers more flexibility and freedom of movement.

Soles for children


  • Tread design and spacing specifi cally engineered for outdoor activities
  • Flex grooves support a biomechanically correct foot roll for children‘s feet while proving adequate fl exibility and comfort
  • Lightweight, shock-absorbing EVA midsole for comfort and traction
  • V-Pad: ergonomic heel design for shock absorption on heel strike, supports biomechanically correct foot roll


  • Raised outsole to protect the toes
  • Sole design provides perfect grip and optimal traction
  • Biomechanically arranged flex grooves in the outsole and
    midsole ensure a balanced balance between flexibility and
    support of the child’s foot.
  • Lightweight and cushioning EVA footbed with textured
    surface for optimum comfort and support
  • Natural footbed treatment prevents odor development