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Child Carriers

The best way to experience the beauty of our planet is doing it together with the ones you love. And of course this means your children as well. Child carriers are an excellent means of transport when you’re traveling with the whole family. There are a few important things to keep in mind when doing so.


Toddlers aren’t ready to hike along with their older siblings and can only cover short distances. Child carriers make you more flexible so that you can explore nature freely. There are a few things to keep in mind for safe and fun hiking with your family. Two questions should be answered: What is important for the person carrying the child and what is important for the child who’s being carried?

Activity and load capacity

Child carriers can be used when your child can sit on their own and has good head control. Before that time, the jolting movements of hiking could have a negative effect on the child, especially on the head and spine. Up to a weight of approx. 22 kilograms (maximum child weight 18 kg plus 4 kg extra gear) it makes sense to use a child carrier, after which time your children are usually able to walk alone.

Individual adjustment ensures an optimal fit. Comfortable padding and easily adjustable safety straps have priority.

The total weight of your child and the child carrier can quickly exceed 15 kilograms. This means that the carrier has to cope with relatively high loads over a longer period of time. The frame has to be very stable and the suspension system should be designed to be comfortable even with a heavy load.

All of our child carriers are TÜV/GS certified and meet highest quality standards.

Eco Finish

In order to make the outer surface waterproof and dirt repellent, fluorocarbons (PFC) are often used. These man-made compounds are suspected of being hazardous to one’s health. To protect our customers, especially children, we do not use fluorocarbons in our products. Instead, an impregnation is used that is environmentally friendly, 100 % PFC-free yet still causes water and dirt to bead up and roll off. It’s called: Eco Finish.

Testing lab

As our products need to be able to withstand years of hard use, we test all of the materials that go into making them. This is the only way to guarantee that they’ll stand up to the real life conditions of your outdoor adventures. At our in-house testing lab, we have the opportunity to extensively test materials and products.


VAUDE child carriers have a solid construction and many features to help make the experience something special for child and parents. Depending on the model, many features are included as standard in the product. In addition, there are various accessories that can be combined if required.


Our many years of experience in the construction of trekking and load bearing packs has really helped us in developing high-quality child carriers. The basic structure of a child carrier is similar to that of trekking backpacks in many ways.

VAUDE child carriers have a supportive, individually adjustable suspension system (Tergolight Comfort suspension system). The frame is made of aluminum and the hip belt is well padded. This ensures optimum wearing comfort despite heavier loads.


Several pockets on the hip belt, at the front or at the bottom provide sufficient storage space. Practical handles are located on the front and back of the carriers. The child safety belt, the side straps, the foot straps and also the child seat can be individually adjusted to provide the greatest possible comfort for small passengers.

The top model Shuttle Premium also has an integrated sunroof (= weather protection and UV protection 50+), a changing mat and an adjustable headrest. As a special feature, the fold-out base can be released at the hip belt.

Shuttle Base

  1. Child safety strap
  2. Side strap – to bring the child’s weight closer to the adult’s center of gravity
  3. Front pocket with zip
  4. Shoulder straps
  5. oad positioning strap
  6. Attachment strap for sunroof / weather protection
  7. Adjustment of height of child’s seat
  8. Length adjustment of suspension system
  9. Hip belt
  10. Foot straps
  11. Length adjustment of shoulder straps for the child found in the front pocket
  12. Fold-out base
  13. Bottom compartment

Shuttle Premium

  1. Child safety strap
  2. Integrated sunroof / weather protection
  3. Side strap – to bring the child’s weight closer to the adult’s center of gravity
  4. Front pocket with zip
  5. Lockable base
  6. Shoulder straps
  7. Load positioning strap
  8. Attachment strap for sunroof / weather protection
  9. Adjustment of height of child’s seat
  10. Length adjustment of suspension system
  11. Hip belt
  12. Foot straps
  13. Torso belt – stabilizes the child in the carrier and thus the overall load
  14. Length adjustment of shoulder straps for the child found in the front pocket
  15. Fold-out base
  16. Bottom compartment
  17. Adjustable head support
  18. Release for fold-out base
  19. Removable cover with frog embroidery


In addition to the basic features, various accessories can be added to our child carriers. This applies primarily to the Shuttle Base model.

For example, an additional headrest can be integrated that is easy to install and individually adjustable. VAUDE also offers a fabric attachment (“Frog” cushion) for a cuddly soft padded head area when your child needs some sleep. In addition, a large rain cover and a sun/rain roof are offered for optimum weather protection.