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Bikepacking is an American trend that’s crossed the Atlantic and hit Europe by storm. It’s a cross between backpacking and bike touring and combines hiking with cycling. It usually involves mountain biking off the beaten path (and streets).

Traveling by bike means unlimited freedom. Whether you prefer a road bike, cyclocross on gravel roads or mountain biking along single trails – VAUDE offers tailer-made solutions for gear storage, whatever your activity. Just decide where you want to mount your bags – at the handlebar, in the frame triangle, at the seat post, the fork or the top tube – and we’ve got a bag for it that’s secure, waterproof and easy to take with, except for the frame bag, when you leave your bike behind.

The different mounting points allow an optimal load distribution, so that you can enjoy the ride rather than fighting the forces of gravity.

Bikepacking Bags

Both your bike and the terrain place extraordinary demands on how to attach your equipment. Gear should be loaded as close to the frame as possible to ensure a comfortable ride. This also minimized the risk of getting caught on anything as you ride by.

Appropriate materials for the hardships of nature have to meet up to tough demands. Our specialized bikepacking bags, Trailfront, Trailframe, Trailsaddle, Trailmulti and Trailguide are high-frequency welded and 100% waterproof. Most of the bags are equipped with detachable, waterproof bags that can be loaded quickly and easily. In addition, the Trailfront has a load strap for attaching extra gear.

All five bags combined offer a packing volume of almost 50 liters. No more excuses not to take that extra detour for one more highlight on your trip.

The range is supplemented by the Trailpack. An extremely flexible Bikepacking backpack, also equipped with a removable waterproof welded packsack.

Video-Tutorial Bikepacking