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Bike Bags

Attachment Systems

No-fuss yet secure attachment to the bike is the hallmark of high-quality panniers. VAUDE offers a wide range of models that are specially adapted to the size you need, where you want to mount it and what you want your maximum weight to be.

We attach great importance to the fact that our attachment systems are adaptable for all conventional bike wheels and that whenever possible, they can be attached without special tools.



QMR Technology

QMR (Quick Mount Release) is a high-quality and technically sophisticated fastening system with hooks. So you can quickly mount your bike bag and remove again. The hook you can easily adapt to different tube cross-sections (8- maximum 16 mm) of the luggage carrier with the help of the included adapters. For thicker bars there is no adapter.

Also, always make sure that you hear the click sound when closing. Only then is it guaranteed that the hook is properly seated. This applies in particular to luggage carriers that do not have a round rod, but, for example, an angular or oval.

The QMR hook can be locked with a lock directly on the carrier. So you can leave your bag on the bike without risk.

Requirements lock: diameter lock up to 3mm. The length of the lock should be at least 2cm.

The hooks of the upper and lower guide rails are freely movable and can be individually adjusted to your luggage carrier. It is important that the lower guide hook is locked in the direction of travel to avoid unintentional removal of the bag during heavy braking manoeuvres.

Note: if you are not sure if the hooks are locked tight enough or if the hooks cannot be loosened with the rotating wheel, you can simply use an Allen key. All screws are accessible from the outside.


Scuff marks on luggage rack and frame

At the places where our panniers are connected to the luggage rack and frame of the bicycle, depending on the workmanship and quality of the paint, chafing or damage may occur.

Due to their construction, panniers do not provide a 100% rigid connection between pannier and luggage rack or frame. Vibrations during cycling, especially on rough ground or terrain, cause permanent friction at the connection points. 

These actions may help:

– a firm fit of the QMR hooks (with the correct diameter of the reducers) on the luggage carrier tube and the correct placement of the QMR Rail Hooks.

– attaching frame protection films (available from most bicycle dealers).

Hard Back & Soft Back Technology

The Hard Back 2.0, a hard shell pannier is made from sturdy synthetic material and is extremely impact and abrasion resistant. The edges that have to take the most stress are outfitted with a non-slip base; the lower guide hook can be freely rotated 360° so you can individually adapt the bag to all racks. This means the bags can be individually adjusted for all gear racks. Maximum load: 12.5 kg per bag.

Soft Back panniers are based on the Hard Back technology, but don’t include the full synthetic panel which reduces the total weight. Maximum load: 10 kg per bag.

Plug and Ride

Some VAUDE panniers are outfitted with the Plug-and-Ride system, a detachable mounting rail. The option to attach the bag at an angle means your heels won’t get caught in the bag when pedaling. If you use the pannier as a shoulder bag, the rail can be easily removed. Maximum load: 10 kg per bag.


MIK is a revolutionary click system for luggage carriers. Accessories of all kinds and brands can be exchanged and fastened. The system has an integrated lock against occasional theft.

Snap it

The Snapitadapter connects your gear rack bag reliably to the rear rack. As soon as you place the adapter on the rack and push it slightly forward, it engages in the rack with a click. By lifting the release lever, the adapter can be easily separated from the rack with a handle.

Snapit is also adaptable to narrow Racktime racks.


Bicycle bags and boxes with the UniKlip fastening system can be used on a wide variety of luggage racks without additional adapters.
– Automatic adaptation to luggage carriers (10 – 16 mm diameter)
– Adjustable to carrier widths from 9 – 16 cm
– Can also be used with integrated rechargeable battery
– Compatible with V-shaped beams
– Integrated anti-theft protection
– Maximum load: 10 kg



iRack is a connection adapter for rack bags and the gear rack. The bag is set onto it, pushed forward and then it locks into place with a click. To detach the bag, just pull it up again.



When fastening with the twist adapter, a plug-in adapter is mounted between the seat posts, onto which the saddle bag is simply inserted and locked in with a half turn.


With the help of a KLICKfix Contour Adapter, VAUDE bike bags can be attached directly to the seat post. The adapter is fixed to the support with a clamp. Afterwards, your just attach your bag only to the device, and it can be released with the push of a button.


  • not suitable for use with carbon seat posts
  • Clamps included for diameters 25-32 mm and 32-36 mm

Velcro Closures

Our Ultralight bags are attached with weight-saving Velcro fasteners. These are simply wound around the struts of the saddle and closed.



The KLICKfix system is a quick and safe method of attaching handlebar bags. The bag adapter easily attaches with a “click” into the fixture attached to the handlebars. Just press on the red button to detach the bag.


Velcro Closure

Like our lightweight saddle bags, our frame bags can be attached with a light Velcro fastener. Several Velcro straps are simply wound around the frame and closed.

Maximum load for panniers

System Maximum load per bag
Hardback 12,5kg
Softback 10,0kg
Plug and Ride 7,5kg
QMR 2.0 12,5kg
SMR 12,5kg
Step Adjust 15kg
Snap-It 12kg
MIK 10kg
UniKLip 10kg
i-Rack 10kg
Contour Adapter 2kg
Contour Max Adapter 3kg
Twist Adapter 1kg



Bike bag attachment has to be extremely secure to ensure that your load doesn’t shift while riding and change the handling of your bike. Yet at the same time, it should be easy to remove from your bike during a break or after a strenuous day of riding.

The basic rule is: the closer your load to your bike frame, the better your bike handling will be and the lower the danger of unintentionally getting caught on something.

Under Tips & Tricks you’ll find instructions and options for mountings the different types of VAUDE bike bags to your bike.