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Mountain Sports Apparel

Anti Mosquito

Plant Based Anti Mosquito Finish

Anti Mosquito products by VAUDE are outfitted with effective protection against mosquitoes. The herbal active ingredient geraniol ensures that you won’t attract mosquitoes or other insects. It keeps the bugs at bay so you can enjoy your outdoor adventure to the fullest. And this holds true weather it’s a sultry summer night by the lake or a tour through the vastness of Lapland.

  • effective protection from mosquitoes
  • plant-based active ingredient geraniol is biodegradable
  • optimal for use in regions with large mosquito populations



Plant Based Origin

Geraniol is the active substance that gives its remarkable performance to GREENFIRST® treatments.

No Neurotoxic

Formulated with an Active Substance that is not harmful to the human and animal neurological axis, Greenfirst® treatments do not contain chemical pesticides, endocrine disruptors or microcapsules.


GREENFIRST® treatments are biodegradable and are not classified to the aquatic environment.


Efficiency proven by independent laboratories. The treatment remains effective after several washes.

No Sensitizer

The reasoned dosage of the active substance makes GREENFIRST® a non-classified skin sensitizing treatment.

Certified OEKO-TEX

GREENFIRST® is compatible with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification, all classes.